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by Lefevere-Gino

In 1948, Mr. Yuzuru Yamasaki was born in Nagasaki (Japan), as the oldest  of a family of 3 children .

At the age of 18 , his work was for the first time selected for exhibition by the Art-Museum of Nagasaki .

In 1967, he graduated from the Higashi- Highschool and in 1971,  he graduated from the Nagasaki University , where he got a degree in g art-pedagogy  g .

In 1972, he finished the graduate course, in which he specialised in oil-painting .

His career as a highschool-teacher in Nagasaki, started in 1975 . During this entire career (till 2000) , he tried to unveil the secrets of art to his students and to let them share in his enthusiasm for the world of beautiful colours and forms .

During his free time, he spent most of the time on the creation of his paintings .

As a result of this, his paintings took part of expositions in the cities of Nagasaki, Tokyo and Fukuoka, during the year 1988 .

In 1989, a first gprivate-exhibitionh was held in Nagasaki .

One of the highlights of his painting-career was the exposition in the famous Tokyo Art-Museum of gUeno-No-Morih in 1991 .

On top of his artificial aspects, Mr. Yuzuru Yamasaki also has a social engagement ; as a proof of this, he organised a private exhibition in Nagasaki in 1992 . The aim was to improve the Japanese-Korean relationship .

As time continued, the number of expositions grew steadily .

In the Year 2000, Mr. Y. Yamasaki decided to stop his professional career as an art-teacher and to devote whole his entire time to the development of his personal artworks . During this year he also became a member of the gArt-Promotive Association g of Nagasaki-City .

Recently, the moon is the main subject in most of his works ; he is fascinated by the mystery of the moon and its power . The moon stands for the world of imagination . In his opinion, the moon is able to start a g conversationh in the mind of the people who see his works .

During the exposition in Hasselt, Mr. Yamasaki will show some works made with gJapanese paperh , together with some fans , decorated with his work .

It is his greatest pleasure to know that many people will see and enjoy his works !